Self Esteem EP


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Recorded and Mixed by Ricky Beetlestone at Annex Audio.

Released on 50 limited cassettes via Wethered Collective - SOLD OUT


released April 18, 2014

Sean Keane - Vocals/Guitar
Oliver Jeffs - Bass
Lee Munday - Drums



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Scuzzy fuzzy sounds, wavey hazy vibes. Slacker Union.

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Track Name: Vent
I can't shake the buzz,
Feel it swelling up.
The ordinary kills,
I just need to vent.

It's alright.

This garage is my church,
I pray three times a day.
My friends are growing up,
I'm still screaming at the world.

It's alright.

You, your all I wanna' do.
You make my dreams come true.
Can't live without your buzz.
Spend my days in a haze,
It feels strange, but nothing's changed.

I need to vent.
Track Name: Dying To Know
Who's your new man? I'm dying to know.
Are you happier there? It's all I wanted to know.
Remember the days we watched the galaxies move.
I'm sorry again, my concentration is poor.

Not much has changed, I still rot in my room.
Singing odes to my soul, there just daydreamer kicks.
Loneliness came and went away with the sun.
Now winter is here, I need something to numb.

Hope you moving on, and hoping that your not.
Don't know what to think so I try not to at all.
Build a ship of trust and break it down again.
We're all too stuck in dreams to see the good we've made.

I'm dying to know.
Track Name: Glazed
It's getting late, I feel excited.
Need to get away from the thoughts.
Wanna' be a blur, not trying to fight it.
Need to get out somewhere tonight.

Can't beat the numb, feels like Saturn.
Got to keep it up, don't let it fade.
Take me to your room, I'm feeling lonely.
Won't feel the pain while we're numb.

I'm glazed, not fazed.
Track Name: Community Spirit
Lock yourselves at home tonight there's something in the air.
Tune into your new messiah, forget about your friends.
Drugs the kids.
Go to work.
Pay the rent.
Home sweet home.

I need help.

Seen the neighbours watching me their getting quite alarmed.
"Still dressing like a kid, is he ever gonna' grow up?"
Come with me patriot.
I'll show you truths,
You never knew.

I need help.
Track Name: Guilt Trippin'
Looking up with the sun in my eyes,
Wondering why I close them.
Drift in and out, I forget what you said.
With my head in the clouds again.

Never gonna' get it right.
Keep my arms folded tight.

Said it before, wasn't made for these chores.
I can change like the seasons.
Ignore you for days, feel the guilt slippin' in.
I'll come out of my cave someday.

Never gonna' get it right.
Keep my arms folded tight.